Full Circle Renovations

Interior restoration of old Home
Eon Deck, balcony and stairs construction
Vinyl Deck with cover
Exterior home restoration, new roof and paint
Mobility Ramp
Walk In Tub
Cedar Fence around home
Custom Chicken Coop
A complete kitchen renovation
front porch with awning

     Barry Bruyere

Carpentry services tailored to suit client needs!

Carpentry - renovations , restorations, additions and new structures.

Barry Bruyere has over 25 years experience in a
wide variety of residential construction projects.

  • OUTDOOR - framing, siding, sheds, fencing, decks, stairs, roofs, porches, doors, windows.
  • INDOOR - renovations, restorations, wood & steel stud framing, dry wall, counters, cabinets.
  • FLOORING - laminate, hardwood, tile, vinyl.
  • PAINTING - interior and exterior painting.
  • CUSTOM WOODWORKING - kitchens, bathrooms, offices.
  • STRUCTURAL REPAIRS - jacking and levelling

Full Circle means we provide full service from beginning to completion.